Advertising displays in estate agencies don’t subscribe to the traditional print era anymore. Not with the advent of backlight paper, a type of paper suitable for LED devices. Here we’ll go over this totally new type of paper.


Quite simply, a type of paper designed to take advantage of all the possibilities LED displays offer. In fact, regular paper types are hardly appropriate for an LED backlight mechanism. The structure of the standard paper types don’t provide the best quality in terms of the image you’re printing on them. But backlight paper, with its special weight and picture quality, diffuses the light projected on it. The paper “disappears”, leaving only the images in the frame, offering an excellent visualization.
In the end, even an A4 backlit paper will enhance the photos of the real estate property and the texts that come with them. It can also be used to stand out in large shared areas. Furthermore it’s quite simple to use. And no need for you to change your printer, whether it be a laser printer or an inkjet device, you can make a backlight paper print.


To allow you any use you can think of, VitrineMedia offers backlight papers in all standard formats. This makes it easier for real estate agents to have an option when it comes to the sizes of their advertisements. Backlit A4 paper is suitable for general uses. With this paper, you will exalt the colors of your images, which will be displayed without grain. The light rendering generated will attract everybody’s attention. Also if you have a large space, backlight A3 paper for a real estate agency is perfect for your structure.
backlit paper led display vitrinemedia
backlit paper led display vitrinemedia
backlit paper led display vitrinemedia
This large format will display your offers in a very large size and draw a lot of customers towards your agency. You can print any picture on backlight paper from a JPEG or PNG file. Similarly, pictures published in PDF format can also be printed on backlit paper. Let yourself reap the benefits of backlight paper which can fit the shape of your ads and highlight your agency’s current offers.
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