Nowadays, backlit paper – or backlit film – stands as the most convenient solution for illuminated displays. It is used to both increase the visibility of estate agency announcements and showcase products in larger department stores. VitrineMedia provides you with a wide range of backlit paper.


This paper increases the visibility of any object you wish to promote. With its intense luminescent effect, it will inevitably attract your customers’ attention. This first step consists in arousing their interest for the promoted image and content. The special print will be replaced by a printed image of your own choosing. The image comes to life and will definitely be eye-catching. Apart from this essential feature to promote your products, backlit paper barely requires any electricity, at least much less than an ordinary lighting system.
Therefore, you will be able to use backlit paper that lasts in time without having to deal with high electricity bills – a significant windfall to better promote your establishment, attract more clients and increase your sales at little cost.


The special paper/film that we offer is perfectly adapted to multi-purpose use. It will easily integrate with illuminated frames in order to enhance the visibility of an estate agency’s products. Furthermore, you can go as far as adding text or image to clarify the nature of the goods on offer. However, it is not only designed for estate agencies; backlit paper is also tailored to any structure in need of showcasing its products. All you need do is choose your favourite format, either A3 or A4, print the image to be published, place it in a frame or display it behind a showcase window.
backlit paper led display vitrinemedia
backlit paper led display vitrinemedia
backlit paper led display vitrinemedia
Its impact will have immediate effect. No matter the nature of your activity, our catalogue contains the backlit paper that’s right for you. By browsing through our website, you can find the product you are seeking in just a few clicks. You will finally be able to give excellent visibility to your real estate advertisements or to your offers on promotion.
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