What is the advantage of having a lit display window?

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More and more stores are equipping themselves with lit display windows, hence appreciating the advantages that this exceptional visual communication device has to offer. This article will focus on the main advantages.

The LED Display Window: Outstanding Attractiveness

Statistics show that a LED lit displays increases the amount of foot traffic into stores from 30 to 40%. This is a testament to just how attractive the lit displays are. We must admit that a store fronts attract people’s attention when they are lit-up using an led screen or an led display panel.
This technology’s performance in terms of luminosity and colour attracts anyone who sees it. The vividness images on display and the high number of possibilities for typographic processing only enhance the attractive mature of the lit display window.
Inside your point of sale, light can be a formidable asset: on your brochures, display stands, lit display panels, lit display cases, document holders, shelving units… Dynamic display, signage can truly bring added value to the layout and décor of your interior or your agency.

The Aesthetic Appeal of a lit Display Window

Although they are easy to set-up, lit display panels installed as part of a led window display can only embellish a storefront. The aesthetic aspect is only a detail when considering the bigger picture; it is part of a larger communication feature. Illuminated windows make very elegant, contemporary designs and ensures clear contours. But aesthetics do not overshadow the message on display. On the contrary, it increases the visibility of the contents on display.

Its Low Energy Consumption

One of a salesperson’s most common worries is the need to make a lit display window last as long as possible. Without longevity, a display will not reach the expected results, that being to attract a large number of potential customers to the showcased store. LED technology has helped reach this requirement, for the good and simple reason that it consumes so little energy.

Its Flexible Nature

Unlike the some non-adaptable displays, and LED display panel can be integrated to a flexible device. With just one unit, you can display several adposters. All you need to do is renew the visuals and adapt the frame.
At the end of the day, there are many advantages to using a lit display window. With its outstanding features, it can showcase an entire store without being too expensive.
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