In 2007, VitrineMedia broke new ground transforming real estate agencies with their LED Window Display solutions.

Since then, over a million displays have been manufactured and sold globally.
These displays, the brightest on the market have been manufactured to European and International certifications and standards.
Customers are provided with reliable, long-lasting and sustainable products.
Today, VitrineMedia has brought its new “remarkable” solutions to numerous business sectors such as Travel, Pharmacies, Banks, Motor and the Hospitality sector.

To ensure consistent quality and supply, we have moved into a new Design and Manufacturing facility including Research and Development, Purchasing and Quality Control departments.
All of this comes together to give VitrineMedia products the sophistication and quality we are known for.

We thrive on innovation and are challengers – always questioning the status quo; driven by
A strong vision and core values. As exponents of integrity, empathy and team spirit, we allow our employees to reach their full potential in their professional growth by providing a number of ongoing training and development courses. All of this, coupled with a great work environment, is ultimately the key to our success.

Key Numbers and Figures:

10 years of experience (created in 2007)

50% growth per year

Over 50% penetration rate in European countries where the brand is established

300+ staff bringing REMARKABLE to the world

Headquarters in Boulogne-Billancourt, France

28 countries part of the network

40 000 Customers

Over 1 million LED display panels sold around the world

7 subsidiaries (France, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Canada, Japan, China)

VM Manufacturing – R&D, Manufacturing & Quality Assurance division – located in Xinxu (China)

Our Commitments: Innovation & Performance

Today VitrineMedia continues its development in:

Accelerating its international expansion through subsidiaries and trademark license
Developing a complementary offer starting with backlit paper, printing services and frame customization
Diversifying towards the “retail” market
Introducing the “intelligent” shop window via the development of new digital offer


Established VitrineMedia and its backlit LED display system aimed at real estate agencies.
Launch of the VitrineMedia Power Rail. This new patented system enables ease of installation and customisation of the display layouts.
With 2,000 clients installed, VitrineMedia becomes one of the top suppliers of backlit LED Displays to real estate agencies in France.
The VitrineMedia distribution network spreads across Europe. With diversification now underway, a growing customer portfolio now includes motor vehicle dealerships, hotels, restaurants and travel agencies.
VitrineMedia innovates by launching a new, high-performance LED system onto the market – the LED iMAX. VitrineMedia also launches the VM Dynamics range (totems and tactile tables), the company’s first digital range.
VitrineMedia opens its own factory therefore controlling the entire value chain from inception, design and manufacturing, through to distribution and installation.
The 10,000th customer mark is reached. VitrineMedia strengthens its finances through investment by Groupe Siparex, as well as the BPI.
With a European distribution network now including 10 countries, VitrineMedia opens its first subsidiary in Australia.
5 new product lines are launched. The VM Light System concept now incorporating the VM Stand, VM Kiosk, VM Dock, VM Cable, and VM Wall ranges.
VM Spain and VM Portugal subsidiaries are opened. VM Manufacturing relocates and opens a new R&D, quality assurance and manufacturing division allowing the company to double its production.
Two new subsidiaries are opened in Japan and Canada. VitrineMedia integrates the French company Idecube specializing in the sale of large format LCD’s to support the development of VitrineMedia digital brand, now renamed VitrineMedia Digital Services.

Be Remarkable with VitrineMedia technology

  • Highlight your brand
  • Generate more traffic
  • Maximize visibility
  • Attract new customers
  • Set yourself apart from the competition