Sales don’t come without clients, that’s rather obvious. To attract the attention of bystanders and drive them to at least walk into store premises, communication must drive them to do so. Illuminated panels play a great part in this.


There are two intervention levels to focus on when seeking to reach as many people as possible, the first one being the product showcase. Why is that? All sales professionals are aware of this marketing principle’s importance. A product is best promoted behind a product showcase – most often, a store window – to attract any potential interest. This first contact phase is a prerequisite if you want the mere bypasser to turn into an actual customer.
This is why it is vital to have exterior LED display boards around your premises that match the essence of the promoted products. Special attention should also be paid to the store’s location and its size, but also its commercial policy in force in order to retain the most appropriate material. Whatever your establishment’s specific characteristics, you’ll find the right apparatus to promote it accordingly.


For most stores, exterior display is just not enough. Dialog with the client must be encouraged inside the actual store premises. We would advise the installation of illuminated panels to promote the respective ranges of products or services on offer. This will influence the customer’s purchasing decision and will increase any chance of him or her coming back. In addition, a lighting equipment serves to showcase the products on promotion. While this layout can be ideal for commercial stores, the same cannot be said about estate agencies.
backlit paper led display vitrinemedia
backlit paper led display vitrinemedia
backlit paper led display vitrinemedia
Such an establishment must communicate this information as early as the first phase of contact; does it offer new-build or original goods? What are the transactions being proposed? Is the agency in a position to take on the administration of civil society-owned property? Before walking in, potential customers need to at least picture what an agency has to offer from the layout of its exterior premises. Several showcasing methods exist, one of them being the installation of illuminated panels in the storefront to engage with the outside, but also that of display units inside.
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