It is a well-known fact that an illuminated poster board contributes to improving the visibility of promoted objects. It constitutes a key step in the visual communication strategy of estate agencies. But that’s not all! Come and discover the many ways in which you can use an illuminated LED poster board to kick-start your sales.


Designed to support display units, illuminated poster boards are adapted to strengthen the commercial appeal of businesses. Their integrated LED technology will stimulate the displayed images, thus ensuring that potential clients notice them. Outdoor illuminated poster boards are undoubtedly eye-catching. Furthermore, they can be used as easily as the printed posters can be edited. This way, the illuminated poster boards can be used for several ads, depending on available offers./p>
Also, given that publications often require long-term display, an illuminated poster board will respond to this need. It runs on a low amount of electricity and will fiercely reduce your bills. Thanks to the advantageous price of an illuminated LED poster board, gain exposure at little cost all he while benefiting from our 30 years’ experience as LED poster board suppliers.


An illuminated poster board is a multi-purpose device. For instance, the illuminated poster board is to be displayed in a storefront window to increase the visibility of a store’s façade. Estate agencies play with the different formats to help customers notice the products on offer. Sales professionals also turn to illuminated poster boards to make products on promotion stand out from the rest in their store aisles. As for cable-suspended illuminated LED poster boards, these are used inside large retail store premises with the aim of orienting customer purchase decisions.
backlit paper led display vitrinemedia
backlit paper led display vitrinemedia
backlit paper led display vitrinemedia
Illuminated poster boards may concern tourist agencies and banks, but also insurance companies to better promote their offers. The food, fragrance and pharmaceutical industries, as well as businesses from all horizons good all do with illuminated poster boards. Trust VitrineMedia to provide you with the best material to help you reach a larger market.
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