Despite their active presence on the internet, estate agencies keep on attracting most of their customers using traditional communications mediums. To this day, the good old illuminated store still shines, albeit nowadays strengthened by LED technology. The resulting assets of an illuminated showcase poster are numerous. In this paper, we propose a panorama to help you make the right choice.


An estate agency LED showcase makes a whole lot of difference when installed in front of an establishment. Thanks to the exceptional colour effects it can deliver, a LED beats any other device in terms of image and advertisement promotion. An outdoor illuminated showcase window irresistibly attracts the attention of potential customers. By performing adequate configuration and orienting the illuminated showcase window accordingly, your establishment will stand out from the crowd of all other stores that are all too similar to each other.
And if you maintain your illuminated showcase for a good amount of weeks, you will notice a change in you’re the number of recorded visits to your agency. However, an illuminated showcase window is not only tailored to the real estate sector.


The illuminated showcase is designed for all sales professionals, whether the object on sale be an apartment, a house or products on offer in stores. An estate agency LED showcase can be of good use to a jeweller’s or even a pharmacy. However, it goes without saying that all visual presentations will not be identical. Certain estate agency LED showcases can also be used inside large retail stores. They can play an indicating role for customers or serve to underline specific products.
backlit paper led display vitrinemedia
backlit paper led display vitrinemedia
backlit paper led display vitrinemedia
LED showcase windows will increase the visibility of your company and offers. Furthermore, they consume very little energy. The fact of leaving an illuminated showcase window turned on 24 hours a day will in no case increase your bills. On the contrary: it will substantially reduce them. In order to obtain an estate agency LED showcase, trust VitrineMedia. We offer you the very best at an unbeatable price.
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