Do you wish to help your business flourish? Or do you want to boost traffic to your estate agency’s website? Get equipped with storefront window LED poster stands to appear under clear light. If well-positioned with quality poster stands, illuminated displays will improve the way your products are perceived. Browse through our catalogue to make your choice.


In certain contexts, poster stands are the best supporting material for illuminated displays. You will be able to make most of these efficient tools’ assets for successful visual communication. With a storefront window LED poster stand, you will make good use of intense LED brightness to create eye-catching stands. Space restraints may sometimes imply the need for illuminated panels of modest dimension.
However, wire-suspended LED poster stands will help to showcase them accordingly. This equipment will bring shimmering light to your stands, and you can be sure that bypassers will notice them. Our LED poster boards have been designed for easy installation and offer an unparalleled user experience.


We provide you with material designed by the best LED poster board suppliers. They will ensure comfortable and lasting usage, enough to recover your investment and save a substantial amount of money. You opt for a mobile LED poster panel with the asset of being visible on all sides. Several other types of illuminated LED poster boards are available on our website and will improve your store window’s attractiveness. Thanks to the insignificant electricity it requires, the illuminated displays highlighted by our storefront window LED poster stands will last in time.
backlit paper led display vitrinemedia
backlit paper led display vitrinemedia
backlit paper led display vitrinemedia
Hence, all the while improving your store window layout, they ensure the successful visual communication of your advertisements and products. If you wish, we can also provide you with our extensive experience as illuminated poster stand suppliers. All you have to do is express your needs for us to turn them into equipment that is best tailored to your business. High-end quality, long-life for durable use, easy solution – these are, among other guarantees, what VitrineMedia has to offer.
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