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 December 2017

Illuminated shop window displays are a perfect local vehicle to present your products or services, attract new customers and enhance brand recognition. One of the global leaders in this fast evolving market is VitrineMedia Enterprise. The privately owned French company delivers genuinely remarkable, complete LED and LCD signage solutions for all kinds of outlets that enable efficient communication and make a lasting impression. On average, its customers– more than 40,000 worldwide – increase their sales by 30%.

VitrineMedia Enterprise is a leading global supplier of LED and LCD signage solutions for real estate agencies, retail outlets and many other sectors including banks, hotels, pharmacies and travel agencies. Founded in 2007, the company pioneered backlit LED window displays in the French real estate agency market. Since then, it has delivered more than one million displays to over 40,000 customers all over the world. “Display cabinets have been used for centuries to present products or services,” says President Thibault Guillaume. “We took the idea and adapted it to today’s needs and LED and LCD technologies to provide an attractive, dynamic solution for shop windows and other advertising spaces.”

Based in Boulogne-Billancourt in the western suburbs of Paris, VitrineMedia employs 300 people and turns over 17 million EUR. The company has offices throughout France, subsidiary companies in Portugal, Spain, Australia, Canada, China and Japan as well as franchise partners in many other countries. All products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art production facility in Xinxu, China, which is also home to the company’s research and development, purchasing and quality assurance units. “Through our own plant in China, we can provide the quality required by the market and implement new, technologically innovative concepts,” states Mr. Guillaume. “In addition, we have our own LCD Technology Center in southern France.” The comprehensive product range offered by VitrineMedia includes illuminated window displays for images (VM CABLE) and slideshows or videos (VM LIGHT & PLAY), illuminated display stands (VM STAND) and kiosks (VM KIOSK) for points of sale, showrooms, exhibitions and many other places as well as special countertop display solutions (VM DOCK). “Rather than just offering display products, we provide complete LED and LCD signage solutions, including customized printing and uploading tools,” explains Mr. Guillaume. “When we started ten years ago, we focused on real estate agencies. These are still our main target group but over the years we have successfully diversified into other sectors such as retail businesses, car dealerships or travel agencies.”

VitrineMedia sets itself apart through the use of the latest, energy-saving LED technology and premium-quality backlight paper for its displays which has been specially designed to maximize the visual impact of all display media. “We do not have any direct competitors as we are the only company with this innovative technology and because we are specialized in real estate agencies and retail outlets,” states Mr. Guillaume. “We are a pure player with a distinct technology and market focus.We have all development and production capabilities in-house and cover the entire processing chain, from engineering and design to manufacturing and logistics through to quality assurance and after-sales services.” VitrineMedia is operating in a global growth market, spurred on by the growing digitalization of the advertising industry. “The market is highly dynamic and advancing very rapidly,” explains Mr. Guillaume. “Through our display solutions, customers can grow their visibility, turnover and profit. On average, our customers achieve an increase in sales of 30%.”

VitrineMedia is dedicated to providing optimum solutions and services. “Our priority today is on existing customers and their individual requirements,” says Mr. Guillaume. At the same time, the company wants to strengthen the use of advanced digital display technologies. “We started offering digital image solutions last year and want to further expand this segment,” says Mr. Guillaume.

Last but not least, VitrineMedia plans to grow its international position. “At present, we have customers in 28 countries,” explains Mr.Guillaume. “The goal is to have a significant market presence and brand awareness in 50 countries by 2020. When we started, we did not expect to be that successful. But we are still at the beginning as many companies are only just starting to realize the potential and advantages of local communication through digital shop window displays that help them generate more sales, increase profitability and enhance brand visibility.”

An article from European Business Magazine

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