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Premium Paper – for Laser Printer

This Premium Backlit Paper is designed for printing your visuals with a laser printer or copier.

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Before use, we recommend that you trim the paper to remove the adhesion that may exist between the sheets.

Both sides of this paper are identical and therefore printable.
The multifunction laser printers have a heating system (called oven) for fixing the coloring powder (called toner) on the support.
To limit the adverse effects of oven heat on your print, we recommend that you print using the bypass (manual input) of your machine that provides direct access to the print nozzles.
In order to get the best possible quality, consider setting your printer as follows:
Support : “transparent”
Quality : “high quality printing”
It is essential to leave a drying time of about 2 minutes after printing and to avoid touching the printed side so as not to let your fingerprints appear on the image.
Conservation advice: Store your packs away from all sources of moisture and heat

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