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 VitrineMedia LED Panels has been successfully deployed to 750 Flight Centre retail stores in Australia alone.

customer testimonial led display travel agency window

Through a thorough procurement process, we found VitrineMedia out performed, out priced and out delivered any competitor in the market nationally and globally.

The product is so simply to install and use – the deployment took less than 6 months with 0% hardware failure rate. AMAZING!

Director of VitrineMedia Australia – Mike Toweel and his national team provided a level of service which felt like an extended team from within our organisation. The service was comprehensive, professional & responsive – coupled with the R&D team located in their own manufacturing plant in China, their service exceeded all expectations.

On behalf of Flight Centre Travel Group, I thank Mike and the VitrineMedia team for their outstanding service during and post deployment.

I do not hesitate and would highly recommend the VitrineMedia product to any retailer who aim is to increase their street presence.

customer testimonial led display travel agency window