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An estate agency LED showcase brings important added value to an estate agency’s activities. If you manage one, you will have to consider installing a LED screen showcase. Benefiting from its three decades of experience, VitrineMedia assists you throughout the process.


It is true that estate agencies invest more and more on the internet to develop their activities. However, this option only generates 30% of completed transactions. This means that over two out of three customers disovers companies by other means, such as traditional sourcing. This is the reason for which estate agency LED showcases are rocketing up as a visual communication medium. Indeed, with an estate agency LED showcase, real estate professionals are more likely to apply their mandates.
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LED-equipped showcases attract the attention of people seeking housing and property. This cost-effective device – referring to its low energy consumption – can last for a long period of time, without that resulting in expensive bills. An estate agency LED showcase window will only provide you with more customers and, as a consequence, improve your turnover.


In addition to improving exposure, an estate agency LED showcase is easily installed. Depending on the space you have you will be able to choose the best adapted product. All you will need to do is print an image of the product to be promoted. To this effect, you will be in a position to install an estate agency LED showcase with the paper format of your choosing: A4, A3 and even A2. Once an offer has expired, you can replace it with another one using the exact same installation.
backlit paper led display vitrinemedia
backlit paper led display vitrinemedia
backlit paper led display vitrinemedia
A given LED showcase will be useful for several successive ads. Would you like to create an agency LED showcase window tailored to your premises’ spatial requirements? We can come up with an estate agency LED showcase that is tailored to meet these constraints. Fast and easy installation, flexible display units, unlimited usage; these are, among others, the main features of agency LED showcases available on VitrineMedia. Make your choice, and reach a larger audience.
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