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Panvel is a drugstore company group network that has been operating for more than 40 years, selling medicine and wellness items, as well as hygiene and beauty products. Focused on expansion and growth projects, it has more than 350 stores in the south and southeast of Brazil, in Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Paraná and São Paulo. In addition to numerous physical stores, it also has the call center service “Alô Panvel” and the online store


VitrineMedia recently participated in the remodeling project of the drugstores network. Designed in conjunction with a renowned branding and design office called GAD, which has awards like Cannes Lions, London Design Awards and New York Festivals, a layout was designed where the shop’s “check out” space was best explored, viewing in the shop window both internal vision and external view to the store through A1 sized VM Two panels, with frame made of acrylic, which communicate on two sides.
vm two afficheur lumineux vitrinemedia led


With its clean, minimalist design, rounded corners and concealed internal mountings, this display is the star of our range. It lends itself perfectly to a multitude of configurations and layouts thanks to its versatile orientation – landscape or portrait. The panel has white or silver frames, has communication on the front and back of the display and is installed suspended in metal rails, ideal for the usage in shop windows.
For the communication of Panvel, the face of the panel that communicates to the internal side of the store informs about the products sold inside the pharmacy, and the external side shows the other sales channels of the network, such as “Alô Panvel”, the virtual store and the mobile app.
vitrinemedia vm two illuminated window display
vitrinemedia vm two panvel led window display


The VitrineMedia displays are entirely illuminated – even in a bigger size like the A1 format the VM TWO can highlight the advertising messages outstandingly.
The project has already been put into practice in Panvel stores in the cities of Porto Alegre, Canela, Gramado, Curitiba and in the concept store of São Paulo at Morumbi Town Mall.
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